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As Esmarin, we are two brothers and business partners with more than 30 years of experience in fiberglass boat production. We started the industry as a small business, but over time, thanks to our deep-rooted experience in materials, we have reached today's corporate structure.

Our Journey and Values

Our long journey in boat production is not a coincidence. Our experience in materials from our father's profession has strengthened our position in the sector, even though we started as a small business. Always protecting our beliefs and priorities, we produce every product as the apple of our huge family's eye.

Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Our philosophy is clear: Every customer is our most valuable asset and every product is a reflection of our dedicated work. Without compromising on quality, innovation and boats with maximum capacity, we produce from start to finish in our own factory and with our team.

Innovation with HYPER RIP Brand

We are proud to add RIP (Rigid Inflatable Boat) boats under the HYPER RIP brand to our product range from 3 meters to 24 meters in various classifications.

Global Presence

In addition to Turkey, we sail our boats in the seas of the Netherlands, France, Spain, Denmark and Norway. Our goal is to become a brand accessible to everyone around the world. You dream, we produce!

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Quotes From yesterday to today

Started in 1968 with our expertise in fiberglass production, our journey turned into fiberglass boat and yacht production under the Apexmarin brand in Muğla in 1996. Since then, we have won the admiration of sea enthusiasts and made a name for ourselves in countries such as the Netherlands and Norway.


Quotes From yesterday to today

Until 2007, we continued our production in Dalaman district of Muğla. However, due to our cooperation and projects with Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, we moved to Eskişehir in 2007. In 2010, we further strengthened our activities in Eskişehir by restructuring as Esmarin Deniz Araçları Limited Company.


Quotes From yesterday to today

With our expert staff and modern facilities, we produce a wide range of different sizes from 3 meters to 20 meters. In addition to the production of private boats and yachts, we also design and manufacture commercial passenger boats and service boats. We carry out all these processes with our in-house design, engineering and production functions.